Start your own IPTV business and make money by offering your customers quality cable service at a low rate.

Did you know that more than 50 million people in the world are now using IPTV service?

My TV Cable Pro offers the Most Fully Featured IPTV solutions on the market today with more than 350 Channels.

Start reselling our IPTV packages to your customers and start managing your own sales and members easily with a very simple user interface.

What you don’t need?

** You don’t need to LEAVE your current job
** You don’t need to be a SELLER
** You don’t need to be a Technician

Your very own reseller panel allows you to do the following features:

  • Crate new lines: (Easily create new customers.)

  • Extend lines with one click: (You can renew your expired customers via your reseller panel.)

  • Manage Customers: (Delete, ban and write notes for each client.)

What is needed to start selling cable service?

You only need 2 things to become a re-seller:

The Re-seller Panel and Resellers Credits.


All your customer need is a device and high speed internet connection with at least 50mbs download speed.


To become a reseller all you have to do is purchase at least 10 credits. Once you have purchased the credits, we will send you a username and password for your IPTV server panel, so you can create and edit your accounts easily and instantly.

Reseller Credits can be purchased in four levels.

10 Credits = $120

15 Credits = $180

25 Credits = 300

50 Credits = $600


How it Works:

You sign up to our IPTV RESELLER PROGRAM.

Price starts at only $120 for 10 credits. 

It means for $120 you will get 10 credits added to your panel.

1 MONTH = 1 CREDITS on your panel
with 10 credits, you can register 10 users

If you resell 1 month credit at $35 you will make around $230 in profit 

10 (accts) x $35 = $350 Monthly your cost is $120. $350 - $120 = $230. Your profit for the month is around $200.


Please contact us by email or if you have any question:


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